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Core group of IIT Delhi professors to promote Hindutva research; Indian cow, vedic technology among focus areas (With video)

Sujay Ghosh, July 19, 2015, New Delhi, NewsCrunch

A core group of IIT-Delhi professors has emerged to promote research in areas of concern, traditionally identified with the Hindutva groups.

Promotion of swadeshi sciences, research on Indian cow and building bridges with organisations and individuals affiliated with RSS and allied bodies, are said to be among the main concerns of the group.

An IIT-Delhi team including the then Director R K Shevgaonkar, Dr Vijay Bhatkar and Professors P M V Subbarao and V K Vijay met Baba Ramdev in January. The agenda  was to discuss Unnat Bharat Yojana, an HRD Ministry scheme, which tries to involve higher education institutions in rural development.

Professors P M V Subbarao is affiliated with the RSS's Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, Professor V K Vijay with Baba Ramdev's Patanjali Peeth and Dr Vijay Bhatkar is the national president of Vijnana Bharati, another RSS body.

Dr Vijay Bhatkar, the inventor of Param supercomputer, is also the chairman of the IIT-Delhi's Board of Governors.

NDTV reported that Ramdev offered to pay Rs 200 crore to start research on Indian cow and urged IIT scientists to decipher its genetic code.

Echoing Ramdev, Dr Bhatkar said "Cow should be the instrument in finding all the solutions." "Cow-based agriculture can bring revolution and its foundation could be the Gaushala," he added.

The January meeting also decided to work with Swami Sampoornanand, Swami Muktanand, Swami Rajdendra Das and Swami Vishudhanand, all close to RSS.

Professor Vijay told NDTV that these individuals had been chosen as they had people connect and wanted to work for rural development.

Dr Bhatkar was last in news in January, during the 102nd Science Congress; a presentation made by a Vijnana Bharati representative had claimed that ancient Indians had developed planes, which could move forward and backward, and even undertake inter-planetary travel.

IIT Delhi has a tradition of flirting with Hindutva ideology. Decades ago Dr Subramanian Swamy, who taught there, had made an attempt to saffronise the campus, till he was famously stalled by the now disgraced Rajat Gupta.

After the January meeting, Director R K Shevgaonkar reportedly declined to be part of future deliberations.

Video: IIT Delhi's Dr Vijay Bhatkar and Baba Ramdev exchange of ideas on TV

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