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Viral classic: The making of Chammak Challo – Akon learns Hindi to sing hit Bollywood number

October 15, 2015, NewsCrunch

Akon came to Mumbai in 2010 to record Bollywood film Ra.One hit number Chammak Challo.

The video, which captured the behind the scene action, has been seen over 9 million times and still gets the buzz.

The main highlight of the behind the scene action is Akon – a huge star, who gets down to learn a new language, Hindi, with the humility of a rookie student. He does not stop till he gets his pronunciation right, as he says, to make it believable.

He also co-composes the song by giving crucial suggestions – too much of drumming, I want to communicate.

Besides Vishal-Shekhar and Giorgio Tuinfort, the music director duo, the video also features Akons personal team – all coming together from different cultures to make good music.

The video gives an insight into the incredible energy level in the studio while the song was recorded.

The effort paid off and Chammak Challo went on to become a cult hit.

Watch viral video - The making of Chammak Challo – Akon sings in Hindi

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