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Viral video classic: Watch flying parathas at a small hotel in Velankanni

November 22, 2015, NewsCrunch

Velankanni, a small town in Tamil Nadu, is on tourist map for two reasons. First, the church of Mother Mary draws a following of faithful from all over south India.

Second, a local hotel had gone viral a few years ago after its workers were caught on camera throwing and catching parathas with amazing precision.

A video shows a worker rolling parathas and then throwing them to his colleague, who is a few feet away. The other man catches and cooks it. The action takes place nonstop and you see an uninterrupted flight of parathas through the air.

The place is identified as Bhaskar Hotel near the beach. Several videos of flying parathas have been shot over the years without even a single of them missing target.

Video: Watch flying paratas at a small hotel in Velankanni, Tamil Nadu

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