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Women can spot ovulating females by looking at their faces – helps them in competition for men

January 29, 2016, NewsCrunch
Scientists have found that women have an uncanny ability to spot other women, who are ovulating by just looking at their faces.
Evolution seems to have bestowed this talent to help them hold on to their partners and fend off competition.
Researchersat the University of Bern, Switzerland, did a series of experiments, involving 220 women, to explore if they could spot ovulating women.
These women were shown images of other women taken in their fertile and non-fertile phases.
And they were asked to pick the image which posed potential competition to entice away their partners. Many participants were able to make the correct choice.  
A subset of the participating women were 'naturally cycling' with higher levels of oestradiol levels, a type of oestrogen produced in the ovaries.
These women were remarkably able to choose the fertile face, which could compete with them.
The finding is in line with studies finding positive associations between oestradiol levels and competitive behaviour among women.

Earlier experiments have showed that men find fertile faces attractive. Women have been subjected to these experiments for the first time.

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