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Fake post on Times Now goes viral - Washington Post did not say it was the most biased media house in the world

May 9, 2016, NewsCrunch

A fake post on Times now, which has Washington Post slamming it, has gone massively viral.

In double-deck thick font headline, the alleged Washington Post report screams: Indian TV channel  Times Now rated most biased media house by global rating agency .

It also has a large picture of Arnab Goswami to boot. The other details of the report are hidden in unreadable font.

The photoshopped image, obviously fake, probably was released on social media on Saturday.

Interestingly, it seems to have been the handiwork of Congress affiliated accounts, though it is the AAP camp which usually takes on BJP in the viral battles.

As NewsCrunch has reported exclusively, Congress has also begun to boycott Arnab Goswami's popular show News Hour, which used to make punching bags out of its spokespersons.

In a recent interview with Ahmed Patel, Arnab Goswami requested the Congress leader to lift the ban, but was politely turned down.  

It's official: Congress is boycotting News Hour - Arnab Goswami requests Ahmed Patel to lift ban (Watch video) 

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