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Snake bites model’s fake breast during photo shoot - did it die after that from silicon poisoning (Video)

India media has been carrying a viral story, which sounds like a case study, from Ripley’s Believe It or Not. 

An Israeli model Orit Fox was bitten by a snake, a boa constrictor, during a photo shoot. 

In the video, she is seen playing with the snake fearlessly. She wraps it around her body even goes face to face and licks it. The snake suddenly bites her on her breast, which is loaded with silicon. As she shrieks, the snake is separated. 

Orit Fox was taken to a hospital where she was given a tetanus and was said to be safe.  

The snake, reports say, did not survive the encounter and died of silicon poisoning.

At least two Indian newspapers have carried the report in the last three days. So, how true is it? 

The video is at least five years old, but keeps going viral  time and again. 

Orit Fox, who is known for her weakness for plastic surgery, was indeed bitten by the snake during the infamous shoot. 

But the snake survived and was never in danger. 

As Live Science  points out snakes can eat really diseased animals and not catch any infection. So, there was never any danger of the boa dying from silicon poisoning.

Boa Constrictors  have a row of small teeth which is used to hold on to the prey and not suck any fluid.  
Orit Fox also clarified two years ago that the snake had not died. 

Video: Snake dies after biting model’s fake breast? 


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