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Bottom’s up: First black woman Erika Canela wins Miss BumBum contest in Brazil - hottest videos

In a first, a black woman, Erika Canela,  has lifted the  Miss BumBum 2016 title in Brazil.

Erika Canela a medical student, outbummed 26 other contestants in the finals to become an instant celebrity and win over $20,000 in prize money.

She told reporters that she was dedicating her trophy to her beloved mother, ‘who voted for several mornings’.

Miss Bum Bum, an annual contest is being held in Brazil since 2011, to pick the year's most beautiful bottom.

The contest is controversial with many slamming it as a feast of flesh, but it continues to be wildly popular. 

Over 17 million people vote in the annual Miss BumBum pageant. 

In the first phase, an online poll picks 15 finalists from  27 contestants, one each from a different province of Brazil. In the second stage, an expert jury chooses the winner. 

This year, as NewsCrunch had earlier reported, a mother-daughter pair, Bruna Ferraz, 35, and Eduarda Moraes, 19, had emerged as showstoppers in Brazil's infamous Miss Bum Bum contest.

But the final honours went to Erika Canela, who represents of the growing pride of the African-Brazilians in the country.

In the 2011 census African-Brazilians emerged as the majority for the first time largely due to the increasing number of people identifying themselves as black or mixed race

Brazil's minister for racial equality Elio Ferreira de Araujo had attributed the change to growing pride among his country's black and indigenous communities.

Hot videos: Erika Canela wins Miss BumBum contest  

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