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CNN reporter in tears after intrusive airport security checks her private parts (video)

Popular CNN commentator Angela Rye has shared her ordeal of going through an intrusive security check at a US airport. 

A woman US Transportation Security Admission(TSA) agent, following protocol, lifted her dress and gave a ‘pat down’ to her vagina reducing her to tears.
Angela has always gotten out of the security in a jiffy having had the status of a TSA Precheck and a Clear traveller, for which one needs to pay extra money. 

However, on that particular night, she got randomly picked for an additional screening at the almost empty Detroit Metropolitan Airport.  

Angela was alright with it till the time the agent had informed her that the body scanner had indicated four parts, one at her right boot and the other three near her genitals, and hence she would have to pat down near her vaginal-thigh area, notes Daily Mail

She was clearly uncomfortable with the idea of someone patting down that part of her body. However, she decided to go with it having no other option. She asked a police officer there to record the whole thing as she says that she wouldn’t have felt safer in ‘private’ than she was in ‘public’. 

When the checking started, and the agent went down her legs at the back and touched her sideways and suddenly hit the crack of her labia, she felt a lump forming in her throat and did her best to control her tears. It wasn’t a back handed pat down that the agent had assured her of.  

At this point, the police officer who was recording the thing says that he had had his butt checked too and there was nothing to feel anxious about, reports Mirror.

The next time, the female officer came to the front and while checking, hits her right in the centre of her genitals again, when Angela could not hold it anymore and finally broke down into tears, notes CNN.

The officer who had earlier assured her felt that something was not right and told her that he is going to report the matter and asked for her driver’s license for doing that.  

She posted this whole video on social media saying that she had earlier thought of showing it to the TSA asking them more about the process, but once it was done, she felt worried thinking about her friends who might not be as privileged as her and who might have to go through this more often. 

Angela says that she is okay with the security check as long as it doesn’t invade the emotional and mental security of a person.

She ends her note saying that if we do not raise our voices, things will never change.  

Video: Airport security pats down CNN reporter, grabs vagina

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