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WTF: Facepalm moment after Mumbai Mirror slips in 5 ‘fucks’ in sentence by mistake

A Mumbai Mirror sub-editor slipped in five ‘fucks’ in a single sentence by mistake on Thursday. 

The blunder, which took the readers  by surprise, occurred in the restaurant guide section of the Mumbai daily and was taken note of in the social media.  

Ironically, the offensive string of words seems to have be inserted by a senior editor to get a junior’s attention. The senior wrote, ‘fuck’ ‘fuck’ ‘fuck’ ‘fuck’ in a sentence and then clarified that the word ‘fuck’ had been dropped in to make sure the junior did not miss an instruction that came with it. 

The junior had been instructed to pick a photo of a dish of a restaurant, which was being written about, and then caption it - replacing the string of ‘fucks’ with its name. 

With a fine sense of deja vu, the junior let the sentence pass as it is. 

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