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Zee reporter Mahender Singh alleges he was sacked after hard-hitting interview with Khattar on note ban

Zee reporter Mahender Singh has alleged that he has been asked to quit after posing uncomfortable questions to Haryana CM Manoharlal Khattar on demonetisation. 

In the interview, Khattar had tried to dodge the question on note ban pain, though unsuccessfully.  

Mahender Singh made the allegation in an interview with media website Janata K Reporter

He said he had interviewed Khattar on 19th November. On 20th his input head, Amit Sharma, told him “to go home” though he was on an important assignment. 

On 21st he received an email from Amit Sharma which asked him to resign with immediate effect. 

Mahender Singh said his approach to journalism was different from those reporters who did PR to politicians. 

He said he had not even  put a press sticker on his vehicle, suggesting that he was not keen on seeking the undeclared perks of the profession and went by the rule book. 

NewsCrunch has mailed Zee News TV for its response on the controversy.

Video:  Khattar ignores Zee Reporter’s question on note ban 


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