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To marry the man she loved, NRI woman joined sex-blackmail racket - a real-life film story

Rajasthan police arrested Ravneet Kaur, who was born in Hong Kong, in late December  for her involvement in a sex-blackmail racket. 

She has been accused of working with a criminal gang which sent her to wealthy individuals and then blackmailed them. 

Ravneet Kaur allegedly developed relations with them and then threatened to file rape charges if they did not pay up. 

The Times of India reports that during interrogation she told police that she became a criminal to marry the man she loved.   

Ravneet Kaur first came to India in 2008 to visit he her grandmother at a village in Punjab's Faridkot district and decided to stay back to study. 

While she was doing a BBA course from a private university in Gurgaon, she fell in love with  a senior who was doing his MBA.

Though he reciprocated, his mother objected saying both of them were jobless.

That made Ravneet Kaur determined to earn money and at the same time she came into contact with a criminal gang involved in sex rackets. 

In 2014, she was sent to a leading builder in the city as a client, who was blackmailed successfully for a sum of s 1.2 crore.

Over the next two years the gang blackmailed six men and Ravneet Kaur had made as much as a crore when she married her boyfriend in February 2016.

Her husband was clueless about her activities though she spent on him lavishly. She gave up her criminal life after her marriage and opted to lead a normal life. 

But her past caught up with her when the police arrested her  on December 24 in Kota. 

She had reportedly suffered a miscarriage a fortnight before her arrest. Her husband has been bringing her clothes and medicines, note the police.

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