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Two-year-old Utah boy saves twin brother after furniture falls on them - mother shares heart-stopping video

A US mother is sharing a scary video of her two-year-old twins ordeal after a massive dresser fell on them.

The video was captured at a home CCTV in Orem, Utah, last Thursday. 

It shows Kayli Shoff's twin boys, Brock and Bowdy, climbing onto a dresser in their room. 

As the 2-year-old brothers jump on the dresser at the same time, the furniture topples and falls over them, pinning Brock's entire body underneath.

Bowdy manages to wriggle himself out tries to free Brock by lifting it. When it proves too heavy for him, he pushes it and this time successfully.

It also shows him trying stock of the situation , crying for help and then acting on his own - no small feat for a two-year-old.

Kayli saw the incident on baby monitor seven minutes after it had occurred, reports NBC News. By the time she rushed to the room, her children were safe.

A pediatrician examined the boys and said they were in good health.


Kayli and her husband have shared the video on social media to create awareness about the dangerous furniture. 

Video: 2-year-old Utah boy saves twin brother after furniture falls on them 

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