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When Jairam Ramesh invited Narendra Modi to join Congress - old video goes viral (viral classic)

An old video of a friendly exchange between then BJP General Secretary Narendra Modi and Congress leader Jairam Ramesh is going viral. 

The short video is an excerpt from a  TV show anchored by noted journalist Vir Sanghvi. 

It has Narendra Modi giving his analysis on Congress political strategy. He says Congress wants to finish off Third Front, grab its votes and then turn its attention towards BJP. 

Looking impressed, Jairam Ramesh says if Modi ever wants to leave BJP, there would be a vacancy in Congress. In the 44-second excerpt it is not clear if Jairam Ramesh was complimenting Narendra Modi or being sarcastic. 

It is also not clear when the video was shot. 

It was probably after the fall of the Vajpayee government, when Sonia Gandhi staked her claim to form the government only to be  scuttled by Mulayam Singh Yadav who backed off in the last minute.  

Narendra Modi, who was made BJP general secretary in 1998, quit in 2001 when he became the CM of Gujarat.

As General  Secretary he was frequently spotted on TV shows expounding the party’s point of view. Many journalists saw him as a second-rung affable leader who could be relied upon to  come to studio at a quick notice, Rajdeep Sardesai had recalled in his book.

Video: When Ramesh invited Modi to join Congress 

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