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Oxford student aces IIT-JEE papers, faces online abuse by angry Indians

Staff correspondent, NewsCrunch

It is no secret that most Indians have an unhealthy obsession with the IITJEE examinations. Students start preparing for it from an incredibly early age. People who crack it are conferred a god like status while those who don't are told umpteen times how their life is 'over'.

But a chillingly dark side of Indians' worshipping of the IITJEE came out on question-answer site Quora a few months ago.

Jack Fraser, an integrated Master's student of Oxford University, answers various questions on Quora, mostly on Physics. His popularity soared over the years and he started getting directed questions like whether he liked some book or movie. 

The Indian diaspora on Quora is sizeable and one of them asked him his opinion on the IITJEE. Just for laughs, the then third year physics student solved the question papers - it took him a third of the allotted time and he got it 100% right.

Once he shared the result, the abuse that followed was ominous and bewildering.

Some Indians accused him of cheating and 'trivialising' the exam. Since their firm belief that IITJEE was the toughest exam in the world was challenged, they decided that the best way to counter that was to send Fraser's mother photos of male genitalia, report his Facebook profile photo multiple times for 'graphic obscenity' and even threaten him with physical violence.

Fraser tried to explain that as a third year physics student in one of the best universities in the world, an entrance examination for high school students was supposed to be easy for him. While IITJEE is designed for teenagers just out of school, he already had three years of experience studying complicated physics topics, but nothing could placate the abusers.

When Fraser narrated his horrible experience on Quora, other Indians apologized profusely. But while the young physics enthusiast assured them that he was not holding a country of a billion people responsible for the insanity of a few, he had decided not to take any questions on IITJEE anymore.

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