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5 YO girl horribly abused and made to learn math - cricket stars bat for her after video goes viral

Staff correspondent, NewsCrunch

Cricketers Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan and Robin Uthappa shared a video of child abuse on their social media accounts and condemned it.

The video shows a crying 5-year-old daughter being forced presumably by her mother to repeat the numbers 1 to 5 repeatedly, who also slaps her when she makes a mistake.

The girl begs her mother to stop, saying that she has a headache but the woman refuses.

The girl then grinds her teeth and repeats the numbers in frustration and in tears.

India captain Kohli posted the video on his Instagram account and said that the fact that the pain of the child is completely ignored is shocking and saddening.

Dhawan, a father himself, requested parents to be patient with their kids and that every child learns at their own pace. He asked parents to refrain from beating or degrading them.

Uthappa tweeted that the video was heart-wrenching and that children shouldn’t be raised in such a manner. He advised parents to raise their kids with love instead of fear. 


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