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Bhopal central jail stamps children's faces, outrage prompts investigation

Staff correspondent, NewsCrunch

The nation woke up to severely disturbing photos on Tuesday that smacked of an authorarian abuse of children. The photos were of two children who were visiting a close relative at Bhopal Central Jail and had their faces stamped during entry to the facility.

The incident happened on Monday. The children had gone to visit a close relative in the facility for the occasion of Rakshabandhan, who is an under trial.

As they passed through the main gate, the guards stamped their face.

The jail generally stamps visitor's hand to distinguish them from inmates. This practice is generally accepted, though it is not strictly legal.

However, in a 'goof-up', the jail authorities stamped the children's faces instead, an act that can lead to significant psychological trauma.

The jail blamed the high influx of visitors on the day for the 'mistake' on the part of the guards. Around 8500 people visited the jail on account of Rakshabandhan.

The inhumane photos of the children sparked a national outrage, which has forced the jail authorities to order an investigation, reports Deccan Chronicle.

State minister for jail Kusum Mehedele has expresses regret at the act and has assured that the perpetrators will be taken to task.

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