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Fake story that Muslim family is holding Ramayana’s Jatayu captive spreads (video)

Staff Correspondent, NewsCrunch

A recent viral video suggesting that Muslims from Moradabad had 'Jatayu', the bird from the epic Ramayana, captive, with an appeal that it must be freed, has been debunked.

Jatayu is the vulture that took on Ravana as he kidnapped Sita. While unsuccessful in his attempt to stop Ravana, legend has it that he informed Rama and Lakshamana about what happened and gave them proper directions to proceed before breathing his last.

The video in circulation showed a Muslim elder, complete with his beard and skull cap, with a huge vulture, with coal-black eyes, long beak and large wings. 

The bird has one of its legs tired with a wire and thread. The man, explaining to his audience that they found the bird when it was completely wet, holds one of its wings while the other is held by another, to display how large the bird is.

There is no doubt that both the man and the people around him are excited. And if one's thoughts immediately went to whether the bird was being treated nicely, it is probably reasonable. But that's not where the Whatsapp University went to. They named the bird Jatayau and immediately made it a Hindu-Muslim thing.

ABP News started checking the facts which led it to the Behasiya village near Moradabad. They traced the Muslim man in the viral video.

He told them that his son had rescued the vulture which had been mangled by dogs and had brought it home. Though unable to fly, the bird started chewing off things in the household, because of which they had to keep it tied.  After caring for the bird for some time, the family left it in the custody of the forest department.

Officials from the forest department corroborated the above story. And told ABP News that once the bird healed and regained its strength, it'd take off on its own.

So, no, the bird was not Jatayu. And no, Muslims were and are not holding Jatayu captive.  And no, no need for Whatsup warriors to wage  a war to release Jatayu from captivity because he's already gone on his way.

Jatayu with Muslim family in Moradabad (video) 

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