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Judge grants divorce to Rajasthan woman as in-laws didn’t have a toilet in their home (video)

Staff correspondent, NewsCrunch

A Rajasthan court has granted divorce to a woman on the grounds that her in-laws refused to construct a toilet in their home.

Justice Rajendra Kumar Sharma said that having to defecate in the open was no less then ‘mental torture’ for a woman and it was a disgrace for the society.

The woman, who was married in the Bhilwara district home in Rajasthan in 2011, had filed for divorce in 2015 after her in-laws refused to build a toilet in their home. Rajendra Kumar said that it was very painful for women to wait till dark to relieve themselves. 

He further said that it is ironical how people who spend a lot on alcohol, tobacco and mobile phones refuse to build a toilet in their homes. The woman had been living at her parent’s house due to the absence of a toilet for the past 2 years. 

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