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Man caught on camera punching and kicking woman in Indore gym- On the run now

Staff correspondent, NewsCrunch

A shocking footage of a man punching and kicking a woman at a gym in Indore, Madhya Pradesh has gone viral on the internet. 

Allegedly, Puneet Malviya- the accused- had passed lewd comments against the woman which she had complained to the gym trainer Ranit Sonane. 

In the video, Puneet can be seen getting ready for an exercise when she tells him something. 

Puneet then turns around and punches the woman. He then kicks her too after which the other gym members move forward to restrain him. 

The incident took place on Thursday evening after which Puneet ran away. A case of molestation and assault has been registered against him. 

The police are using the CCTV footage to nab the culprit. 

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