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Saudi Arabia arrests teenager for dancing to Macarena on middle of the road (video)

Staff correspondent, NewsCrunch

The Saudi police released a statement on Tuesday saying a 14-year-old boy had been detained. 

The teenager, who has not been named, had danced for the ‘90s hit Macarena in the middle of a street in Jedda. 

A 45-second clip, possibly shot by an onlooker, shows him walking to the middle of the road wearing a striped t-shirt and grey shorts. He then starts dancing in front of five lanes of cars that have stopped at a traffic light.

The Saudi police said he had been detained for 'violating public morals' and disrupting traffic.

Mecca officers said the teenager, who was not named, was being questioned because he had shown 'improper public behaviour' and disrupted traffic. 


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