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Shocking video shows Himachal school kids crossing dangerous stream fuelled by rain water

A shocking video of school children from Himachal Pradesh being forced to cross a dangerous slope with rapidly flowing rainwater is doing the rounds on the Indian media.  Said to be from near a village in Chamba district, it shows about a 15-meter stretch of a shallow canal-like water body; because of the heavy rain in recent times, the water rushes downhill.

Staff Correspondent, NewsCrunch

Children of a village in Himachal Pradesh are forced to cross a rivulet, in dangerous hilly terrain, to get to their school.

As the rivulet swells in the rainy season they risk their lives each time they cross it.  

Students from Mandu village in Chamba district walk about 2 km to their school in the nearby Bat village. 

It is during this walk they come across a stream that rushes downhill, which they have learnt to navigate.

They usually hold hands to form a chain and cautiously step over the slippery stones. 

Older students carry their juniors, who are scared, on their backs.

Villagers are worried about their children but are helpless as education offers the only slim rope to climb out of gut-wrenching poverty in the region.

The Times of India quotes Deendyal Sharma, a Mandu resident, saying there was a lot of grass and vegetation on the slippery footpaths. “Risk of snakes and flashflood is always there. We remain worried mainly for our girls," he says.

A local activist alleged that 10 years ago Rs 3 lakh had been sanctioned to build a temporary bridge, which never materialised.

After the video went viral and media picked up the story, Sudesh Mokhta, Deputy Commissioner of Chamba, said he had issued instructions to complete the pending project.

“Work will be completed on priority and funds will be provided," he said. 


Video shows Himachal school kids crossing dangerous stream

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