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Video of disgraced Dera guru Ram Rahim’s tasteless interiors of ‘gufa’ goes viral

Staff correspondent, NewsCrunch

The most mysterious element of the rape-convict guru Gurpreet Ram Rahim controversial story was ‘gufa’ or cave, the palace where he lived. 

Enclosed within the Dera Sacha Saudha campus in Sirsa, it was off-limits for everyone except the chosen few. 

Men and women guards restricted entry to the site where some of his most despicable crimes took place. 

After his conviction and the rioting that followed officials raided it to weed out weapons and miscreants. 

Haryana police took a video of the raid on the ‘gufa’ as the guru’s residence was called by the devotees, which gives a rare glimpse of the forbidden palace. The footage show cops kicking down the licked doors to gain entry.   

There are no surprises though; just another reflection of Ram Rahim’s tasteless, opulent personality.

Everything looks lavish and ugly simultaneously, from the colours to the furniture. 

Wherever you turn there seems to be a larger than life portrait of Ram Rahim offering his blessings.  The place had no ventilation and lived up to its name. 


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