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About us

NewsCrunch started as a blog, run by a collective of journalists over three years ago.  

The team comes with a combined experience of over 200 years in media  - print, TV and digtial.  

Though NewsCrunch was more of a hobby in the initial days and did not start with any grand design, the road ahead for serious web journalism became pretty much clear. 

Mass media in Indian had become unfortunately partisan and personality driven. There was also an unprecedented attack on media, a concerted effort to target those reporting against any party line.  

The industry had gotten younger and the New Age journalists frequently worked without depth or the rigour of the old school.

Even at its birth, NewsCrunch, was aware of its context and wanted to work as a long-term antidote. 

What set it apart was a mix of teething and veteran journalists, who in a collective decision agreed to let their personal branding take a backseat and shine the full beam of light on their work. 

Over the time, NewsCrunch acquired a steady following of readers, made good technology partners and friends in the corporate world willing to bet on its vision. 

Like it or not, India’s continued success as a democracy needs a vibrant Fourth Estate. 

That is the pledge that drives NewsCrunch.


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